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With over 50 years of trading experience from its founders, NORITAZEH was established in 1997 and rapidly launched its first phase of production with a 30 metric ton furnace. Soon after shaking the industry with highest quality of glassware produced in Iran, NORITAZEH formed a licensing agreement with SOGA Glass of Japan producing SOGA designs in Iran.

The crystal and glass company of Isfahan was established in 1983. However, it began it’s work on the production of table crystal ware since 1999. Six months after the production of the first products, this company successfully started the production of impact resistant and heat resistant crystalline products. And thus, became the first producer of this type of dishes in the country.

The Kaveh Glass Group is an umbrella company established in 1985. Kaveh glass industry, with more than thirty years of experience, is known as the largest producer of glass and crystal in the private sector in the company and region. The group is active in four business areas, including crystal glassware, flat glass container raw materials, and petrochemical industries.

Areas of Dorostkar-TPD business activities

Our developing trading company has been a well-known business since 1993 in the field of producing and distributing various types of glass ware, all types of chemical raw materials of various colored and colorless glass varieties, various plastic materials and grinding mills and glassware of the food industry has started its activity. the company has been engaged in supplying raw materials for glass many factories has cooperated with factories including crystal Isfahan, Nouritazeh, Nafis glass, Kaveh crystal and glass of gamin – Iran crystal, khavar crystal, gaze crystal, mina crystal, Iran glass.

Briefly – Dorostkar business Glass material seller Colored and colorless petticoats Types of chemical raw materials All kinds of plastic materials are mill and glassware of the food industry such as jars and bottlesand their lids.

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